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Ahdaaf 2016 Middle East Football Quiz Competition

Ranking Table: (Updated on 27-May-2016 at 08:50 UTC)

Ranking Username Points
1 @DaniDeuder 354
2 @meganedes__ 319
3 @RicardojcoSilva 216
4 @_ks17_ 188
5 @abearfromSEA 133
6 @Futbolconkarma 39
7 @alawi99 35
8 @RekoHFC 33
9 @aqswde2021 18
10 @ramiabdb 17
11 @MattouGooner 14
12 @Ashwvg 13
13 @nzs_10 12
14 @LotfiWada 9
14 @PayetII 9
16 @SamuraiPicks 6
16 @allbeertoramos 12
18 @BobBakkour 5
18 @rayyani94 5
18 @danieljcarrr 5
21 @Tham_er 8
21 @StephenjPeacock 3
21 @Excl_mst_excl 3
21 @bradjmoore48 3
25 @Cvjetko_Yougo 2
26 @Cristiano_Saeed 1

Answer: Al-Sadd from Qatar in 2011.
Question 1: Who were the last Middle Eastern team to win the AFC Champions League?
Questions History:

Question 2: Who is the all times top goalscorer for Saudi Arabia National Team?

A: Majed Abdullah (71 goals)

Question 3: Who is the only Omani player to have played in UEFA Cup?

A: Ali Al-Habsi

Question 4: Which star of the 2015 Asian Cup, arguably the best player in the continent, traces his roots to Yemen?

A: Omar Abdulrahman (Amoory)

Question 5: Which captain of his team scored the winning goal with a header in the 2007 AFC Asian Cup final?

A: Younis Mahmoud for Iraq vs Saudi.

Question 6: Which foreigner signed for Al-Ain in 2011, going on to break every single goalscoring record for foreigners in UAE Football history?

A: Asamoah Gyan

Question 7: Which player successfully became the top scorer of the Lebanese National Team in 2015, beating Wartan Ghazarian’s record of 19 goals?

A: Roda Antar

Question 8: How many Ballon d’Or winners have played for Middle Eastern Clubs? 

A: 3 players, Hristo Stoichkov for Al-Nassr (KSA), George Weah for Al-Jazira (UAE) & Fabio Cannavaro for Al-Ahli (UAE).

Question 9: Who was the first Iraqi footballer to play in UEFA Champions League group stage?

A: Hawar Mulla Mohammed for Anorthosis Famagusta FC of Cyprus

Question 10: Against which country did Iran get their only win in FIFA World Cup finals?  

A: Against USA in France 1998.

Question 11:Clubs from which Middle Eastern country have lifted the most AFC Cup trophies?

A: Kuwait (4 times, three for Kuwait SC & 1 for Qadsia).

Question 12: Who were the two brothers who played for different Gulf national sides?

A: Mohammed Salem Al Enezi for Qatar & his younger brother Mohannad Salem Al Enezi for UAE.

Question 13: Along with the likes of Paolo Maldini & Ryan Giggs, this Bahraini legend shares the title of the second longest one-club playing career in the history of football (24 seasons)? A: Hamoud Sultan

Question 14: Which Middle Eastern player participated in three FIFA World Cups and won the AFC Champions League/Asian Club Championship with two different clubs? A: Ahmed Al Dokhi

Question 15: Which Middle Eastern player won the Golden Ball at a FIFA U-17 World Cup and Asian Young Footballer of the Year in the same year?

A: Mohammed Amer Al-Kathiri

Question 16: Which Emirati player was the first ever to play in the UEFA Champions League?

A: Hamed Al Kamali for Valetta FC from Malta.

Question 17: Which ME player has made the most appearances in the UEFA Champions League?

A: Mehrdad Minavand, 19 games

Question 18: In which year did Yemen make its only appearance at the AFC Asian Cup?

A:  As South Yemen in 1976, Iran

Question 19: Which Lebanese club set a Guinness World Record at one point?

A: Al Ansar

Question 20: Saudi midfielder Saeed Al-Owairan scored a Maradona-esque goal in the 1994 world cup against Belgium. The Belgian GK in that game later managed the same club team Al-Owairan played for. Who was that GK/manager and what was the team? A: Michelle Preud’homme, Al Shabab

Question 21: Which was the last team to win the Kuwaiti League apart from Al-Qadsia and Kuwait SC? A: Al Arabi in 2001

Question 22: Who are the three Qatari players who have played in two Gulf Cup winning campaigns?

Mubarak Mustafa (1992 & 2004), Wisam Rizq & Bilal Mohammed (2004 & 2014)

Question 23: Where was the first ever Gulf Cup held? A: Bahrain 1971

Question 24: In the past 30 years, which was the only club to break the Al Wehdat – Al Faisaly duopoly and win the Jordanian league?

Question 25: Which Middle Eastern defender underwent trials at Arsenal in 2011? A: Saad Suhail Al-Mukhaini.

Question 26: Which Middle Eastern club was originally founded as ‘Zamalek’ after the Egyptian giants? A: Al-Wasl.

Question 27: Teams from which Middle Eastern city have appeared in the most number of AFC Champions League/Asian Club Championship finals? A: Riyadh.

Question 28: Bahrain came very close to qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Who missed the penalty against New Zealand that would have sent them through? A: Syed Mohammed Adnan

Question 28: Which Middle Eastern born striker is recognised as the highest international goalscorer in the World? A: Ali Daei

Question 30: Who holds the QSL record for most number of goals scored in a single league campaign? A: Clemerson of Al-Gharafa with 27 goals in 2007/08

Question 31: Which match saw the biggest scoreline in Middle Eastern Football’s top divisions this season so far? A:  Al Qadsia 10-0 Al Jahra (Kuwaiti Premier League)

Question 32: Who scored the first ever FIFA World Cup Goal for a Middle Eastern Nation? A: Iraj Danaeifard (Iran 1978).

Question 33: Which club is the oldest in the UAE? A: Al Nasr

Question 34: I spent most of my playing career in Serie A. I played in two Middle Eastern leagues and represented my country in 3 FIFA World Cups. Who am I? A: Mark Bresciano

Question 35: Who ended Ali Al-Habsi’s Gulf Cup hegemony as the recipient of the Best Goalkeeper award, exploiting his absence at the 2010 edition? A: Nawaf Al Khaldi

Question 36: Among current players, who is the longest serving foreigner at one club in the Arabian Gulf League?

Question 37: Which FIFA World Cup Golden Ball winner went on to manage the Saudi Arabian national team?

Question 38: Who is the first and only Qatari footballer to score in the UEFA Cup? A: Hussein Yasser 

Question 39: Who are the 3 Iraqi players to have appeared in 5 Gulf Cup tournaments? A: Mahdi Karim, Adnan Dirjal and Younis Mahmoud.

Question 40: I am a foreign striker, played for 4 clubs in 3 different Middle Eastern leagues. I topped the goalscorers in one league, but flopped miserably in another. Who am I and can you name the clubs I played for? A: Eder Luciano.

Question 41: Which two clubs face off in the “Derby of the Smiling Emirate”? A: Al Shaab and Sharjah.

Question 42: Who is the only Middle Eastern player to score in three FIFA World Cup competitions? A: Sami Al Jaber

Question 43: Which two Middle Eastern players shared the top goalscorer award at the 2004 AFC Asian Cup? Ala Hubeil and Ali Karimi.

Question 44: Who is the only non-Qatari to win the QSL top scorer award three times? A: Younis Mahmoud.

Question 45: Which club has won the most Hazfi Cups? Esteghlal FC

Question 46: Who coached Lebanon at the 2000 AFC Asian Cup? A: Josef Skoblar

Question 47: Which Emirati star won the Best Player Award at the FIFA World Youth Championship in 2003?

Question 48: Two players scored 5 goals for Saudi Arabia. Which club do they play for? Al Nassr.

Question 49: First Middle Eastern Manager to win the ACL? Obeid Juma, Al Sadd 1989

Question 50: Which player recently became the youngest player to ever play in the UAE Arabian Gulf League? Ali Saleh
Question 51:
 Who captained the 2009 Gulf Cup winning Oman team? Mohammed Rabia

Question 53: Who is the first ever Iraqi player to play in the Turkish League?

Question 54: Who is the only Emirati club to win AFC Champions League? Al-Ain

Question 55: Who’s the only Middle Easterner to become the Asian Footballer of the Year three times in a row? A: Majed Abdulla

Question 56: Who was the GK MVP in the 2014 Gulf Cup of Nations? A: Qassem Burhan

Question 57: Which club sent the most players to the 1990 World Cup for the U.A.E National Team, boasting the nickname “The Kings”? A: Sharjah

Question 58: Who were the first Middle Eastern team ever to play in the FIFA Club World Cup?

Question 59: Which Middle Eastern country was the birthplace of the FIFA Confederations Cup and hosted the first edition of the competition? A: Saudi Arabia 

Question 63:Which two Gulf national teams are nicknamed “Al Ahmar”? A: Oman and Bahrain.

Question 64:In April 2015, this striker broke the record for the most goals scored in all Kuwaiti competitions? A: Firas Al Khatib

Question 65: How many former Al-Hilal managers are coaching in the UAE’s Arabian Gulf League as of today? A: 3

Question 66: Who is the all time record goalscorer for the QSL (Started in 2008)?

Question 68: When was the last time the reigning Gulf Cup champions managed to progress from an Asian Cup group stage? A: Kuwait (2000)

Question 69: Who is the youngest player ever to play for KSA national team? (Ahmed Jamil Madani)

Question 70:  Who is Iran’s most capped international player? A: Javad Nekounam

Question 71: Which two clubs are by far the biggest in Lebanon? A: Al Ansar & Al Nejmeh

Question 72: Which Syrian footballer was offered a trial at Manchester City in 2004,but could not travel to England? A: Rafat Muhammad.

Question 73: Which three sons of a former Egyptian footballer played for one Middle Eastern national team (Not Egypt)? A: Hussein, Mohammed & Ahmed Yasser Mohammadi.

Question 74: Who were the first Emirati team win a FIFA Club World Cup match? A: Al-Wahda vs Hikari United (2010).

Question 75: Who is the only manager to ever win the AFC Asian Cup with two Middle Eastern national teams? A: Carlos Alberto Parreira (Kuwait & Saudi Arabia)

Question 76: Who is the all-time top scorer of the Jordan national football team? A: Hassan Abdelfattah

Question 77: Who holds the highest points record in the AGL in the PROFESSIONAL era (2008-09 and after)? A: Al-Ahli

Question 78: Which player scored a record 11 goals in one month for the Saudi National Team? A: Talal Al-Meshaal (February 2011)


Question 80 (Double Points): Can you name all FIVE Middle Eastern footballer who have been named World’s Best Top Goalscorer by the IFFHS? Ali Daei, Jasem Al-Huwaidi, Hani Al-Dhabit, Bader Al-Mutawa, Saeed Al-Owairan

Question 81: Who was the first European manager to win the league with Shabab Ordon? A: Florin Motroc.

Question 82: What is the only Gulf country where no team named Al-Ahli has played in the top tier in the past 5 years? A: Kuwait

Question 83: What is the Lebanese National Team’s unique nickname? A: The Cedars

Question 84: Who is the top goalscorer in the Tehran Derby? A: Safar Iranpak

Question 85: What is the only Emirate that has never had a team in the Arabian Gulf League? A: Umm Al-Quwain

Question 86: What is the only Gulf country that never had a club named after the country in the top division? Saudi Arabia.

Question 87:Who is the last Iranian footballer to win the Asian Player of the Year? A: Ali Karimi

Question 88: Which Qatari club was known as Ittihad until 2004 when it changed to its current name? A: Al-Gharrafa

Question 89: How many times have Qatar won the Gulf Cup? A: Three times

Question 90: I was the league’s top goal scorer, scored over a 100 goals for club & country, but my 1st headed goal only came at the age of 35. Who am I? A: Mohammed Al-Shalhoub.

Competition Rules:

  1. We will post 200 questions about Middle Eastern football, ranging from pretty easy to nearly impossible to answer.
  2. The questions will be posted every night at 14:00 UTC (18:00 Dubai time) except Fridays.
  3. The questions will be posted only on this page link to the new question will be announced on Twitter & Facebook on a daily basis.
  4. Participants can answer by replying to the question’s tweet/Facebook post or by replying to this thread citing the question number and date.
  5. Participants do NOT have to answer all questions. However, answering most questions obviously gives you a bigger chance of accumulating most points and winning the competition.
  6. The first FIVE correct answers will earn points starting from 5 points to the fastest down to 1 point to the fifth fastest.
  7. To be eligible to earn the points, participants MUST retweet/share the question after answering.
  8. Rankings based on accumulative points will be posted on this page and will be updated on a daily basis.
  9. The player with the highest points total at the end of the competition will win the grand prize.
  10. The prize is an all expenses paid trip to the Middle East to watch the AFC Champions League Final.
  11. The prize includes, flights from the winner’s country of residence to the host country of the Final (West Asia), match ticket plus 3 nights hotel stay.
  12. Potential destinations based on countries participating in the West Asia zone of the Champions League include: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Jordan or Uzbekistan.
  13. The winner will be responsible for arranging their own visa (If required). Failure to obtain visa at least 7 days prior to the match will result in cancellation of the trip.
  14. The winner may be required to participate in promotional material for Ahdaaf and/or partners and shall consent to footage & information about their trip to be publishd by Ahdaaf and/or partners.
  15. The winner MUST be at least 18 years of age. Fans below 18 years of age may participate but their prize award will be subject to parental/guardian consent and confirming they will be accompanied by a guardian during the trip. Expenses associated with additional traveler shall be 100% borne by the winner.

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