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  1. Last year you played with Salam Zgharta alongside Lucas Galan and Omar Zeinnedine, before you transferred to your hometown club Tripoli FC in the summer. How did you adapt and adjust with your new team under Palestinian coach Ismael Qurtam?
    Abu Bakr during his time at Salam Zgharta.

    Abu Bakr during his time at Salam Zgharta.


    For me, last season was one of the best seasons in my footballing career and it was an honor to play alongside the Argentinian striker Lucas Galan, the battler Omar Zeinnedine and Omar Owayda as well but I’m currently delighted to play with my hometown team. I’m also very grateful to play with high level players under coach Ismael. The coach and I are optimistic, and we both believe that I’ll show my full potential with the upcoming games and hopefully I’ll be able to help the team with my goals.

  2. Tripoli FC were able to win the Lebanese Cup against Lebanese Giants Nejmeh FC, but what’s your objective this season?


    Alhamdulillah [with thanks to God] last year Tripoli FC won the Lebanese Cup against Nejmeh, 2-1, but what we hopefully are this year is that we’re going to be serious contenders for the league title despite the four draws at the beginning of the season. I believe that our current team has the proper and essential elements to reach our objective.

  3. In your opinion, when are we going to see Abu Bakr Al-Mel with the National Team? Especially that our National team needs players of your mould.As for the Lebanese National Team, the National Team contains a lot of decent players in my position such as Hilal Al-Helwe, Hassan Moni Chaito and previously Feiz Shamsin. Therefore I have to train harder in order to reach a higher level so I can be able to leave my mark with the National Team and hopefully with the continuous support from the family, fans and teammates I’ll soon be playing for the Cedars.
  4.  Finally, do you have any last words for your fans?

    Finally, I’d promise Tripoli FC fans that this year we’ll make them prouder than ever also I would like to thank my family for believing in me and I couldn’t be here without their support, and I’d just like to thank all the fans for the support either on the pitch or Social Media. A special greeting to the Ahdaaf ME Family, Thank you.

Thank you for you time Abu Bakr and we hope you make the National Team Soon.

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