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Friday with… Vladimír Weiss

Vladimir Weiss is no stranger to plying is trade in off-beat path having already played in Spain, England, Greece and Scotland and now is currently playing in Qatar with the Qatari powerhouse Lekhwiya SC. Despite signing on last year, he has already become an instrumental player for Lekhwiya as he’s scored desicive goals and included in important plays.

From the amazing goals to the snakey runs, Weiss can easily be one of the best on the field in Qatar and Laudrup’s Lekhwiya has seen a rise not only in Weiss’ abilities but the team as well as they are currently in 1st place in the Qatar Stars League. The question on everyone’s mind, will Al-Sadd be there to take their spot during the end the league?

Ahdaaf sat down with the Slovakian international with a few questions to question him about his life in Qatar to Slovakia to anything else.

Ahdaaf: You had the privilege of playing in English Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. How different are they and which one did you enjoy the most?
Vladimír Weiss: I think La Liga; it suited my game the most.. All leagues are hard, but I think the English league is the most physical.

A: How do tactical instructions given by managers here differ from those at your previous clubs?
VW: Not too much. I have some great managers in my career so far and I’m trying to take experience from it.

A: What was the biggest culture shock you faced when moving to Qatar?
VW: Ha, nothing! I read a lot about Qatar before I came and nothing surprised me that much. I love it here, everyone is really nice. Apart from some drivers ha.

A: Your grandfather was named Vladimir, your father was named Vladimir and you (obviously) are Vladimir. Incredibly all 3 of you are/were international footballers. Shall we expect Vladimir Weiss 4.0?
VW: Yes, well at least I’m gonna try. I already have a boy called Misko and my babygirl Victori.. We’ll see if there’s gonna be a little Vladimir soon.

A: You are part of the Slovakia team that currently sit top of the group in Euro 2016 qualifiers. 4 points ahead of Spain. Do you think the team has what it takes to go all the way and qualify to the finals France? That would be a 1st in the history of Slovakia.
VW: We started off better than everyone expected. We beat Ukraine away and Spain at home. It’s all in our hands, and if we’re gonna play like we did so far in other games, we will go to France [for the Euros] for sure.

A: What do you do in Qatar when not on the pitch? Where are your favourite places?
VW: I’m trying to spend a lot of time with my family; we go anywhere really. And if I’m not with them, then I’m in the gym 😉

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