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Welcome to Ahdaaf!

The ninth of February has finally come and with it the Launch of our new website Ahdaaf.

As random of a date it may seem, it is one that we have opted for after endless deliberations. It could have been a month earlier, a month later or anything in between. With the AFC Asian Cup behind us and a new season of Asian club competition to look for, and an exciting 2015 as it is already turning out to be, now transpired to be the time we launch Ahdaaf.

When a guy named Hamoudi got in touch with me on Twitter asking whether I wrote for any websites that specifically deal with Middle East, my first answer was no, but little did I know that we would end up creating that website along with three other Middle Eastern football enthusiasts.

A team of five was created and a site in the name of Ahdaaf presents itself promising a unique journey through the world of Middle Eastern Football. Now I can proudly say “Yes, I write for Ahdaaf”.

Ahdaaf means goals, and our goal is to grow with you, the reader. There is not a chance Ahdaaf will succeed without your active involvement, be it commenting on stories we write, telling us what would you like to see on our pages, sharing your knowledge and experiences or spreading the word about Ahdaaf.

The site is now up and running and new content will continue to populate our pages every day and every night. No spoilers here, I shall leave you to explore the alleys of Ahdaaf and enjoy the original content we thrive to bring you.

But first, please take a moment to visit our “About” page and meet the team behind Ahdaaf.

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