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Managerial Changes – Kuwait – 2016

NameTeamDateForm/ReasonPeriod of ManagementReplacement Rashed BadehQadsia17 Nov 2015Sacked242 Days Dalibor Starcevic Luiz FelipeAl-Arabi8 Dec 2015Resigned147 Days Boris Bunjak Wolfgang RolffeSalmiya1 Jan 2016Sacked178 Days Salman Al-Sarbal Skender GegaJahra20 Jan 2016Sacked213 Days Mohammad Al-Sheikh

Skender Gega, Jahra || January 20th, 2016

Jahra FC have announced the termination of Skender Gega’s contract, despite announcing their continued trust in him during a previous statement. Mohammad Al-Sheikh will replace Gega until the end of the season, as interim manager. Gegea

Gega and Jahra were on the end of the biggest win in Middle Eastern top flight football this season, where Qadsia wiped the floor with Jahra’s players and ended the game at 10-0. This lead to a series of fights and internal issues at the club, even seeing some players skip training without a reason.

The loss of Gega comes at a torrid time especially after Jahra had their matches moved away from their stadium, Mubarak Al-Ayyar, for a year and their President banned for life after his despicable actions in the Kuwaiti Crown Prince Cup. Moreover, Jahra have had 6 players with records deleted from the KFA after involving themselves during the in-game chaos of that match.

Wolfgang Rolff, Salmiya || January 2nd, 2016

The Board of Directors at Salmiya Club have decided to relieve German manager Wolfgang Rolff of his duties, despite the club positioned in 3rd place in the VIVA Kuwait Premier League at the time of writing with two games in hand behind league leaders Qadsia.

Rolff (left) with an Al-Salmiya board member.

Rolff (left) with an Al-Salmiya board member.

The sacking has come after the relationship between Rolff and the board arrived at the end of the road due to the manager’s inability to cope with the laws in place. The turning point was only last week when Rolff travelled to Germany without the permission of the board, claiming that he can go and come whenever he wants to.

The final nail in the coffin was his objection to the presence of the President of Board of Directors at Salmiya, Sheikh Turki Al-Youssef, which angered and ruined morale across the board and the team leading to a full vote in favour of the President. This lead to his inevitable departure. Salman Al-Sureil will now take over Salmiya as Interim Manager.

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