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I figure there must be at least some students working on essays college essays procrastinating so I figured I’d make a quick video describing essays that worked that actually got one of our students into Stanford and why we think it worked okay so as some of you may know if you’re watching this video Stanford has a variety of pretty short essays so for example as you can see here the the prompt was what is the signal what is the most significant challenge that society faces today so as a little bit of background this student was interested in environmental engineering very passionate about environmental science things related to that wanted to study engineering so this was their answer its sustainability how can we consistently yes I’m worried about my grandkids provide food energy and clean water to a growing population challenge always comes with exciting opportunity however so this does there’s only 50 words but it does a pretty good job in a few ways first of all it relates to their interests right this person is interested in environmental science environmental engineering and as you can see this topic relates to sustainability as you probably know every one of your college essays should be trying to pitch and convince the university admissions committee to admit you write these essays are persuasive in nature you’re trying to show the school’s that you are the best possible applicant for them to accept so in this essay we see the person’s talking about their passion environmental engineering and sustainability so that’s a plus they incorporated a little bit of humor a little bit of weight with the yes I’m worried about my grandkids and then also the last line is great they indent to a new line and then they say challenge always comes with exciting opportunity as you know Stanford’s pretty entrepreneurial school so as you can see this line somewhat may appeal to an admissions officer because they’re explaining that even though this is a big problem there’s a lot of opportunity there’s money to be made there’s companies to be started and there’s a lot of interesting things for students to do in the environmental field okay here was the next short essay from Stanford it was it says how did you spend your last two summers fifty word limit so as you can see the student incorporates some fun things a little bit of sports a little bit of interest some of their passions again the students interested in environmental science they talk about scientific research chemistry teacher assistant there’s not much to see here but again just quicken to the point the student shows they’re well rounded which is what is important okay here’s the next short I say what historical moment or then do you wish you could have witnessed so here again it says that first spark was the caveman scared or entranced evil grin or sharing smile watching the caveman’s expressions during the discovery of the spark tell us so much about human nature again not much to see here I wouldn’t say this was the students best essay but it definitely didn’t detract from the application kind of interesting moment and yeah oh overall in okay 50 words short essay okay now we get into a bit of the deeper stuff a little bit of a longer essay so this one is what matters to you and why so we can read and it says I’ve noticed old people have a lot of time of thinking time life slows down in the go-go-go mentality begins to halt when I’m 75 I know I won’t remember the number of exotic trips or fancy dinners I attend it all think about is if I left the right mark on the world thus what matters to me is making this world a tad nicer there are two ways we can improve the world a do it myself or be change people a is simple for me two words science research B is more complex so I’ll give some examples if I see an overweight person at the gym I was smile and say keep it up why you can keep going in continuing this essay and again the end of the video there will be downloads and you can posit it if you want to read the whole thing but at the end of the day you know the student in this essay essentially tries to show they’re a good person and clearly it got across to the admissions committee because they got in he talks about a student he tutored again showing the volunteer experience giving back which i think is important and yeah overall it’s a pretty good essay if you read it it’s not the best essay of his but overall not a bad essay okay here is one of my favorite essays from the student so the question is please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences and the essay is to sing the alphabet song that’s my advice a student’s hand rocketed upwards what if the ethyl group is on the Left instead compound would be the same as before just rotated 180 degrees so we’d still name it ethyl methyl ether that’s why we use alphab alphabetical order when naming ethyl ether huh bit of a tongue twister students crumbled down my response another perplexed stare transformed into a lightbulb grin felt weird as I was always the one trying to understand new material this past summer my role reversed I was a chemistry teachers assistant as a TA I discovered you don’t truly understand material until you’ve learned to teach it so when I produced that master algae product I need to explain my idea to a wide variety of people including people who haven’t taken multivariable calculus and don’t live and breathe scientific research okay so let’s talk a little bit about this one so first of all the student took a bit of a unique unique approach using the quotes and treating it a bit like a conversation which I liked second of all this student as you can tell T aid a chemistry course in high school and the student did a good job of showing why that experience was unique for example the student shows that he was able to help students explain new material that he was a good teacher and at the same time showed that it helped him himself better understand the material you know it’s often said you don’t really understand something fully until you can teach it to others so that’s essentially what the student got across is I’m pretty you know on one hand this essay shows the students a good person the student volunteers spends his time teaching others who maybe don’t get the material as easy as him but on the other hand he shows that you know if he has some great science research or something like that some great adventure in he has good communication skills to get that idea across in an entrepreneurial scenario which i think is important when applying to a school like Stanford okay this is one of the most popular Stanford essays that people like to talk about it’s write a note to your future roommate so as you can see again pause the essay if you want to read it all some of its funny some of its fun I’m an East Coast boy now on the west coast yeah so some of its fun like that other parts include the chemistry bit makes it a bit more fun talking about how he’s always going to be in the research building why do we do which is Stanford’s energy in the environment building so the student does a good job of you know explaining that he’s done his background research on Stanford he knows the buildings he knows a bit about it so overall you know kind of interesting I say kind of interesting letter it’s a bit more unique than probably the average applicant which is great and yeah so overall pretty good essay if you ask me okay so here are a few more of the short essays if you want to read them just what newspapers and magazines websites do you like name your favorite books authors films and musical artists what five words best describe you as you can see you don’t have to put way too much effort into this his five words were happy eager dynamic nice optimistic nothing crazy nothing out of the ordinary none of these movies are crazy either you know Forrest Gump so overall don’t overthink these questions just put what you actually like and honestly these questions really aren’t gonna make or break your application they’re just kind of fun questions the school wants to see that you’re well-rounded have some interesting answers okay so that’s all we have and if you want more information you know check out our website we’ll be doing more videos and we look forward to you know continuing to produce videos and hear feedback from everyone thank you so much

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