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Ahdaaf Cast: Episode 1

Welcome one and all to the very first installment of what we hope to be a growing podcast in which we enrich the minds of people of Middle Eastern football — in English. This podcast will hope to serve as another medium in which we can express our thoughts of the happenings and scenes of the rarely-talked on-goings of what we think is a very vibrant scene.

As times goes on, we hope to improve our standards from content, quality, delivery among everything else to bring you the best-possible content to show why we love Middle Eastern football in audio form.

This first podcast is jam-packed with content starring the Asian Cup showing from the Gulf side to the ACL campaign to controversial opinions! As always, we have on hand our speakers who expound their love for not only their regional football but the Middle East as well.

  • Hamoudi: UAE, Lebanon
  • Wael: UAE, Saudi Arabia
  • Dan: Qatar, Saudi Arabia
  • Sina: Iran

Despite the locations next to the names, we all know a bit more than listed which is why, of course, we got together to talk about and bring you this marvelous project as we hope it grows with listening by our side.

(or download the 51.7MB .mp3 file)

About Dan J.

Dan started watching football 2009 and instantly got hooked. Later, he found the Middle East to be his calling -- specifically Saudi Arabia and even better Al-Ittihad. Since then, he's been expounding his love for not only Ittihad but the Middle East as well and as of recently through Ahdaaf.me.

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